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  • Billionaire Boys Club Ice Cream Playing Cards by Theory11 x BBC IceCream
    As you know BBC had disastrous shipping and most of their decks arrived to consumers badly damaged. There weren't many of these to begin with and with damaged ones on the loose there are far fewer in mint condition. They sold out quickly at T11 but BBC still has a few that can be bought one at  a time.  This is great news except it is a lottery on whether your deck will arrive undamaged since they will ship it in a paper envelope. THESE DECKS HAVE NO DAMAGE AT ALL AND WILL ALSO SHIP IN A DECK SLEEVE.
    • Theory11 and Billionaire Boys Club teleport into the future with these limited edition, premium playing cards. Billionaire Boys Club is a globally recognized clothing, accessories, and lifestyle brand whose blend of streetwear and luxury has influenced countless pockets of fashion, music, design, and culture. These luxury playing cards have all custom design, inside and out.
    • Designed and illustrated by Billionaire Boys Club. Made in America.
    • The packaging design features metallic silver foil, hot stamped onto navy blue premium paper, with gold foil accents and embossing. Every aspect of the design was created from scratch, with tons of intricate details.
    • The playing cards themselves are made in the USA, using FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, using vegetable-based inks. Each card is coated with theory11’s signature 909 Casino Grade finish, so they’re ready for your next poker night - right out of the box.
    • Inside the deck, Billionaire Boys Club re-imagined the classic court cards to represent a universe of infinite possibilities - with full-art aces and Jokers.
  • Grateful Dead Playing Cards by Theory11 – IMPERFECT
    Grateful Dead Playing Cards by Theory11 This is a bargain if you plan to open the decks. These decks shipped to me with a tuck defect in the the glue on the bottom flap didn't seem to take. The decks tuck box looks great otherwise. They will just appear to look unglued under the cello on the bottom. Refer to images. Grab 'em to play with at below cost!

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